Can anyone help me remove a blank space

Hi All
I’ve got an irritating blank space appearing above a Repeating Group in my App

It currently looks like this…

Screen Shot 2023-02-22 at 09.40.07
I’ve tried everything but I can’t remove the gap above the Reference numbers. Can anyone help?

This is what the design looks like (yeah, bit of a mess I know!)

I think this is a link to the editor…

If anyone can tell me what’s going on without laughing at my efforts, I’d be so grateful.

All the best

I’m not seeing any blank space (although I’m no sure if I’m looking in the right place)…?

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WHAT?! That’s exactly how it’s meant to look(!) Yet on my monitor, there’s a huge space above underneath each separator line. So it must be my iMac which hates me as much as I hate it so cost me yesterday afternoon and this morning trying to get rid of that space!

Thank you so much Adam! You’ve saved my day and my sanity. When my new laptop comes back from the repairer (long story, 13 days so far to fix a screen illumination issue and they’ve “lost” it! :roll_eyes:) I will finally put this iMac out of its and my misery!