Can anyone help with a chat/messaging question?


I’m working on a match/chat functionality for my app and I’m running into an issue. Does anyone know how to automatically send a starting message when a chat is initiated?

The user flow is the following:

User submits a question > User is shown potential matches > User selects a match > User & selected match are taken to a chat screen.

After the match process I would like for the submitted question to be an automatic message that starts the chat. Even though the starting message is stored in the database, nothing appears when the chat group is displayed.



when conversation is opened for first time
-create a new intro message
-attach message to conversation
-set something to determine that the message has been opened once. (This could be a yes no value)

@anon65040322 I’ve created the message based off of the question text value and then made “changes” to the conversation by adding that message to it. It shows up when looking at the window somewhere else but not on the first page load.

are you using a repeating group to display the messages?
can you be more specific, where else does it show up, your ss doesnt explain much

@anon65040322 Yes, the screenshot is below.

@anon65040322 this is the workflow for the “start messaging” button that initiates the chat.

Is this the workflow for opening up the chat group?
make changes to conversation is adding the intro message?
you should have some ‘only when’ conditions.
Does it add to a conversation when looking at your database?

This is the workflow that opens up the chat group. There is also an action to add the intro message to the conversation, which works because it’s stored in the database.

if you want to private message me your editor, i can get this working for you

I figured it out, thanks for the help!