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Can bubble app pull from password protected cloud based CRM without access to the API?

So I currently use an industry CRM for CreditRepair. I do not own the CRM and I only stick with this CRM because of 1 feature it provides that no other CRM in this industry provides which gives my clients a DIY capability. The CRM is a web app.

The client portal only gives access to the specific client and is password protected as well as holds clients personal and sensitive information. Through the portal they can access their dashboard, credit report, etc…

Worth noting I do not have access to the API but I am speaking with them on this and May get access to it but if I don’t… I want to build my own interface.

My idea in theory is to use bubble as a “mask” for the CRM as though

  1. Create Client portal on bubble where a user logs in but is also logging in to the CRMs portal (SSO approach maybe?)

  2. The interface is via my Bubble design. The data is from the CRM for that specific client.

Thank you in advance and I appreciate any help I can get on this.

If there is no API there is not any feasible way to do this. You could try to inspect the HTTP traffic in the crm and see if it’s possible to get some of the data witha regular HTTP request but that’s NOT a good / reliable solution.

Is there a way to export the data? Maybe you can automate that part and build a new interface in bubble?

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Thank you for the insight. I do like that approach of exporting the data… I do have access to variables/parameters tags such as {first_name}

Do you think it may be possible to do this as an all in one app with bubble considering I need to build a portal for Clients, Affiliates and Employees?

If so I will just build out the entire thing with bubble and get rid of the CRM. Possibly turn it into a Saas who knows… we can dream right lol. Just trying to understand how I would build out the

  1. Have the exportable data parse into
  2. Use Credit Monitoring’s API to pull the report into
  3. Can marketing platforms such as GoHighLevel be integrated into my bubble app

So, you want to duplicate the existing CRM’s customer dashboard in a bubble app?

Not the CRM just the client portal…

Here you can see what I mean. Untitled design

My question is reasoning on what would be the easiest fastest way to basically build my own client portal / interface to function and show as I need it to in order to match my brand.

Not sure if I should build the client portal / interface from scratch or build it out entirely from scratch.

Well, that’s what I call a client dashboard, so same thing pretty much. Why do this? What’s either missing from that portal/dashboard that you have. IOW, why should your clients go through your app rather than what they do now?

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screen scraping is your option if there is no API maybe try Dexi plugin ?

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The reason is that the dashboard I currently have for clients with the CRM I use has information that confuses clients and creates more work for me. I rather remove certain areas from the dashboard.

I have heard about screen scraping but not sure if it works with pages that are password protected.

Scrapers can “log in” - but you are at the top end of price/complexity there.

Apify has a nice ecosystem, and gives you a REST API on top of the scraper.

Not cheap, however !

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