Can Bubble be an OAuth Server?

Using the API connector, Bubble can easily act as an OAuth client.

However, it is possible to make my app an OAuth server and issue tokens to other systems?

It appears that the Auth0 plugin may be a workaround to this, but just curious if it’s possible to turn my app into an OAuth server, to then authenticate my users on a different platform (As required for Alexa companion apps).

If you put a signup function in an API workflow, and call it externally, you will get tokens/expiry etc back,

So yes, sort of. You probably can’t do the full-fat three-legged token/code exchange OAUTH2 thing however.

NO. Not really.

To provide Oauth login requires not 4-nines, not 5-nines, not 6-nines, but 100% availability.

I’m pretty sure that the founder of Ghost discusses this here:

Point being: even if it is *technically * possible, it’s not a thing that Bubble can provide.

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