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Can Bubble be used to build REAL stuff?

I mean websites with thousands of visitors.

I’m reading conversations here that Bubble is almost done with ‘startup’ phase. So what’s next?
My friend wants to build a website similar to And I know he can promote it in a way that the site will have thousands of visitors, because he is a famous person.
Not only Bubble should provide all needed tools for such site but also Bubble should be reliable, maybe even provide SLA for such cases.
Actually, do Bubble users have such showcases?
I know Bubble provides dedicated servers but I have no idea which sites are using them. In my understanding it should be pretty big and well known sites. Can you disclose some examples?

Another example
Let’s say I want to build smth similar with Bubble and I’m confident the site will have thousands of visitors.
Seems feasible?

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Yea, it can (and does often enough). I don’t see why either of those sites couldn’t be built with bubble, they don’t seem particularly innovative and their technology stacks are pretty straightforward.

I can see how one might think bubble is exclusively for prototyping, especially without digging deep into the bubble forum. I suppose the nature of the newest posts are typically people trying to figure out how to build features they want, giving the impression they’re in the startup phase. Many bubblers are, especially since it’s a relatively new technology. (It’s actually been around for about 3 years to my best reckoning, but it seems to have changed quite a bit, especially in the last year.)

That being said, there’s quite a few production apps out there I’m aware of. Some of them are quite successful to my understanding.

As far as SLA’s are concerned, going into production on top of the bubble stack is definitely not the best way to have a near perfect uptime. There’s a scaling happening with bubble right now, that shows little sign of slowing, and it’s a small shop that wears all the hats dealing with it. Last I checked uptime was sitting around 96%. They’re East Coast and operate in that timezone, so a lot of that downtime happens during their working hours. The biggest drop times I’ve seen in the past 2 months have both been around an hour. My understanding was that J&E were upgrading their backend on AWS.

Thousands of visitors, depending on their behavior and how the application is built, isn’t a crazy amount by any stretch. If it does end up looking like you’ll be experiencing that type of traffic, however, I recommend reaching out to bubble support and giving them a heads up.


Could you disclose these successful production apps built on Bubble? You can PM me if that’s a secret info.
It’s important for me to “sell” Bubble to my friend and other people who already have successful businesses and want to expand it using new technologies.
I believe the biggest selling point of Bubble is that it’s possible to build full scale site with lots of traffic spending way less time and money, right? Or at least it’s supposed to be (besides using Bubble for MVP of course). But I can’t see examples of really successful apps/sites here
Actually I’m not that concerned about SLA, but rather about the fact that Bubble doesn’t have impressive showcases (or maybe they are kept in secret for some reason).

For example when I go here I see that Facebook and Instagram are built with this technology and I’m sold immediately.

The technology is just a vessel, ultimately, it’s the people that matter. Bubble hasn’t reached the level of adoption that other technologies have, so comparing them isnt super useful. The target market is also different at the moment. Once the custom plugin feature becomes available, I’d imagine we’ll see an uptick in users, with an uptick in quality, and so forth.

For the majority of cases, I’d recommend bubble to start any web product until you reach a point where you need to switch. That point is different for every product, but the point of lean is to minimize effort and time it takes to deliver valuer to your users. Bubble solves that.


If you search for similar topics (reliability, scalability and ability etc) on the forum you’ll see what I’m talking about.

The bubble showcase apps along with the few blog posts spread around seems to me apart of an attempted marketing push about a year ago, dropped or nearly so in favor of focusing on delivering features rather than generating hype.

Honestly the best way to prove to anyone that bubble is the right solution for them is to actually build something to demonstrate that. Actions speak louder than words, especially when it comes to engineering!

It’s not that it’s a secret, it’s just that I think it’s better if you find the answers by searching through the forums rather than throwing out a few off the top of my head I know of. It’ll paint a better picture than I can.

There has been no Unicorn startup built on bubble that I’m aware of. It’s mostly highly motivated people, some with backgrounds in coding, others with, until bubble, no experience in programming at all.

For me at least the beauty of bubble is it’s direct manipulation and visual programming tools, the learning curve along with the host of predefined plugins and accessible API features that means where there is a will, there is a way.

When I think about choosing a programming language, I like to emphasize “the right tool for the job” instead of subscribing to a single framework or approach or language or project management method or business model canvas or whatever. All those things have their place but I often put too much credence into their importance, procrastinating the ultimate purpose of my mission - to BUILD something people PAY to use.

If you can do that with react or meteor or ember or polymer or then by all means, go for it. I found myself trying all these frameworks out that I was waaaay over engineering it for what I was trying to accomplish. I’m not setting out to build the next unicorn app, or enterprise grade CMS, although I believe it’s possible with bubble regardless.

There’s quite a few people who are actively building out robust applications with bubble as their main stack. Some are super ambitious, other’s pragmatic. Some are gorgeous, other’s gritty in their functional no frills database with a ui. They’re all super interesting though.

Bubble really confounded me when I first encountered it. I was asking myself very similar questions to those you’re asking now. Really I was trying to determine whether or not bubble was a toy. I mean the name is so not cool like all those javascript frameworks. I am a small business owner and made the choice to switch over to bubble. Personally I have a lot invested in it, spend a lot of my time on it and it’s been the best technology choice I’ve made for my company, period. Bubble is definitely not a toy!

Anyways, the point is, it can do a whole lot of things, those examples you gave seem reasonable goals, the free trial is generous - most people know whether or not bubble is a fit for them by the end of that.

Hope to see you around more @zergaka! I’m truly interested in seeing what you might build! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much @skylershelton for your answer and confidence in Bubble!
For now I’m working on non-profit mobile first website and I’m 95% sure for now that Bubble fits perfectly for that.
But in the same time I’m looking in the future and trying to understand could Bubble dramatically change the situation on app development market.
Some disclosure: I work full time for Google as developer and I know that in most cases app development is time consuming pain in the ass even using top notch stuff like Angular or React.
But with Bubble it’s fun! For the first time in my 10 years developer career I can say it :slight_smile:
That’s why I really want to help Bubble become game changer. Of course the best way is to JUST DO IT - creating successful product, not necessarily Unicorn but the product that people will love and use a lot.
So let’s get our hands dirty!


Absolutely brother! I’d write a longer reply but I gotta get back to it!! :smile:

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Another example: Kollecto was built with Bubble :wink:


In looking at different tech stacks I originally planned on using ROR/Heroku but I ran across Bubble from a ProductHunt notification.

I instantly got it and loved it.

There’s so many unknown variables with the product/market fit of a new idea already that I didn’t want the tech portion to slow down the idea I’m working on. That’s where I think Bubble really shines - it lets you focus on the problem not on figuring out the technology.

I think like anything new many people even entrepreneurs are set in their ways with what they’ve used before. For our startup, we’re more than happy with the tradeoff that Bubble provides. And that’s the equation you need to figure out with your team - where do you want to be weak and strong since you can’t be strong everywhere.

It’s only a matter of time until Bubble has a super breakout app and then everyone figures out oh yeah I should be using Bubble to build the next great thing. There are so many people that can’t code but have great ideas - just dragging and dropping with Bubble will let them launch their ideas. This is a huge disruption to the normal way apps get built. I don’t need a tech team - Bubble and especially the forum participants are my team.

So as my example, I’m using bubble to create a social crowdfunding service that’s a cross between Tripadvisor and Yahoo Finance. We’re trying to figure out if we can help startups bypass Angels/VC’s and get equity funding directly from investors which in the US the Jobs Act now allows. For us it’s more about speed to validation vs assuring stability. If it crashes and we get tons of complaints - then that’s the best validation we can hope for. But I’m sure that the Bubble team will figure out a way for those instances as it only makes sense.


I think it’s probably a bit premature to expect any businesses to have hit meaningful scale given how new Bubble is and, in particular, how new many of Bubble’s most powerful features are (e.g. the connectors, a public API, etc.). As a former VC, I think what makes me most comfortable with Bubble from an investment perspective is what I saw happen with the ecosystem. I think Bubble presents many of the same benefits (even more-so in many ways) and will be viewed with similar levels of skepticism that early businesses saw. And then came Veeva (arguably one of the best under the radar stories in tech of the past decade in my opinion). I also invested in a company called Riskonnect, which has been very successful building on in the risk/compliance space. I’ve found that anyone that really understands technology and knows the platform will see the parallel. As it relates to your site, let me know if you want some help. I work with a few of the better Bubble developers to help bootstrap our own businesses and something like what you posted could probably get done in under a month. Maybe less if not much you’re trying to do on the backend. – Mike


I know where you’re coming from. Like you I had tbese same questions. Then I came across build entirely on bubble. @natedogg is the founder of Qions FYI. This proved to me that bubble can be more that just a simple web front and truely has the potential to create meaningful and useful products.

While I doubt the premises that huge Tech business can be build using bubble (I’ve noticed a slow down when huge data sets and introduced and other limitations) I think it’s a great tool to start the ball rolling on a new venture.

Man I wish I had access to this when I started my first company…

1 Like is not working right now.

@natedogg are you aware of that?

Or should it be accessible only via ?

Agree the design is stunning! Any data about user base? (I need this as promo material for Bubble)
Does qoins have FB / Twitter page?

The link is as per Product Hunt.


Sorry I gave you the wrong link. It’s


Right, the correct address is


I’d be glad to give you some info about our user base so far! Could definitely be helpful to others to see how a Bubble app does in the “real world”:

We launched to the general public just under a month and a half ago. Since then we’ve had about 700 signups, gone through about 3 big UI/UX changes, and released a handful of new features. We also haven’t spent much money on marketing. (Less than $50.) Most of our customer acquisition has come from word of mouth and being featured on various blogs/press outlets. About 45% of our initial signups convert to fully paying customers, which we’re excited about.

We’ve mostly been laser focused on listening to our early users about what they want, and converting them into raving fans. It’s super important to have a subset of users who are all-in on your product. User acquisition means nothing without engagement. We’ve made strides in that area, and are excited to focus a little more on acquiring users in the coming weeks.

The most popular form of debt that our current users are paying off right now is credit card debt. We’ll see if that trend continues going forward.

Bubble has been awesome. The fact that we can do something like this with very minimal coding/tweaks blows my mind. We’re currently on the Professional Plan, and we didn’t go over our 100K workflow count last month. (Although, that will probably change this month :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


Okay that conversion rate is INSANE!! Congrats.

1 question however. Why isn’t the app responsive? It does some really wacky things why I view it from my phone.


Mind PMing me a screenshot, along with your device? We haven’t had any responsive issues on most phones.

Thank you @natedogg
Really glad for you!
@twr2105 would you please provide similar statistics?

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I came across Bubble when someone posted a list of apps that every startup should consider. Now I have been watching the space of lowCode PaaS solutions and even built some PoC using Mendix and Outsystems which are 2 of the best but Bubble is in a league of their own with their pricing model and ease of learning. I simply love the many out-of-box integrations that are available so there is no excuse in building an app or fancy website (for CMS) in short amount of time.

Apps for startups

Find journos

Get notified on slack or hip chat

Best free pics

Images for App Store

Product screenshots

Design quick mocks on your iPhone

DeSign at your fingertips

Low code dev

Website CMS


Buy button for your app

Beautiful html5 web content

On boarding tear downs

UX assist doco for Axure

Website preLaunch

Good email copy

Outboard call campaigns

Monitor back links

Lead flows

Bounce bar for website

Survey in seconds

Communicate with customers

Web and app analytics

Startup check list


Eric, thanks. Just to double check - this list of links is NOT the apps built with Bubble, right?