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Can Bubble be used to build REAL stuff?

These are services recommended for launching a business, and definitely not built on/by Bubble.

OK, this is good, but my concern is that keeping those links in this thread might be confusing.
They are helpful though, no doubt!

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Very nice to hear about your experience. Glad things are going well for you.

Someone in this thread said uptime is around 96% (a very low number) and that downtime can be an hour at a time, during work hours on the US east coast. That would be devastating to my plans if it’s true. Can you tell us what your experience has been with downtime? I don’t need five nines, but I’m nervous about anything below 99%, especially if it’s daytime and ESPECIALLY if it’s an hour at a time. Yikes!
Nothing hide :wink:

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Thanks, John.

I feel a LOT better now.

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Sounds like you need an SLA, I’d talk to Bubble about their enterprise plan on dedicated hardware.

Josh or Emmanual made a comment in another thread, that as they mature out of Startup mode, they would have to rethink how they do system changes etc. but at the moment, they look at the least busy times on the system. I am sure as they develop and grow/mature/stabilise, things will only get better.