Can bubble create a job completion app?

Hi All,

Newbie here, Hope someone can help me or point me in the right direction. Never used this bubble app before and stumbled upon it by chance. Have a couple of questions, firstly I need to know if bubble is capable of producing what I need and if so would a newbie be able to do it or would i be better off paying someone to do it for me?

I’m after a ‘job completion app’ with the following capabilities.

Staff needs to be able to see jobs and job descriptios that are assigned to them. Upon arrival at customer the staff need to take ‘Before’ photos then complete the job, then be able to take ‘After’ photos and then hand app to customer to sign. At the end it should mark the job as complete. Obviously more functions will be required e.g. assign jobs to staff, maps, addresses and so forth but the basic needs would be assign a job…before and after photos and signature

Please advise if above is possible?

Many thanks

Hi @danrohland,

Yes, it is possible to build the app you described. I have already built a similar app before which combined a project management tool with a marketplace system. The system would have the following roles: Vendor, Client, Staff, and Admin. The Admin would provide a form for the Client to fill in with their requirements. Vendors could then sell their products and services, which the Client could buy. The Vendor would then be assigned to the project, and the system would include a payroll system, payment integration, as well as a cart and delivery system.

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