Can Bubble create something similar to Squid Loyalty?

Hey everyone.

I’m not sure if this is the right place but I have an idea for a loyalty app fir businesses and was wondering if Bubble could create something similar to this?

I am hopeful that Bubble has the capabilities to create something like this with no code.

Thank you and apologies if its in the wrong section.

You can definitely build the same features, the dashboard itself, and the native app.
If I understand correctly, their NFC is used solely for one-tap user sign-ups.
So, you would just need to store(write) the redirect link of a joined organization inside the NFC.
And tap tap , like QR codes

yeah, the NFC cards simply store a URL in this case which is the same as a QR Code. Besides that, everything else can easily be done in bubble.

Thank you for your reply. I best start getting to work on building this then haha.

Amazing, thank you for your reply. Now to learn how to create using Bubble.

Many good youtube videos out there! Would suggest copying an app you know well while learning so you only focus on replicating using bubble’s tool set. Once you can do that, it’ll be super easy to make your app.

Thank you so much for the tips. Really appreciate it