Can bubble create this

I am unsure if this is the correct spot to ask this. Can bubble help me create a square that when it is pressed an advertisement is played? I know this sounds stupid but it would be an essential part of my project

yes it can. and more than that

for example it can count how many time did people clicked this square or seen the advertisement. and if you want when you reach certain amount of views it plays another advertisement for them.
it can be locale based. if you are in china it plays Chinese advertisement if you are in US it give you an English advertisement.

the advertisement that playing can have to buttons next and previous advertisement or perhaps pop up with list of topics that visitor is interested in. a button to flag an advertisement maybe a good idea and visitor can report bad contents that violate certain standard or policy that you make.


I just wanted to know if u could help me build a spot in my app where adverts appear.

What I would like to do is have an option where

  1. An add displays for 2 sec when someone opens my app
  2. And add appears at the bottom after 20min, and this rotates with different adverts.

So would a container(group) be helpful with this? And since I am not building the add , how does the advertiser insert the add into my app? How can I control the setting of the adds so that after 30min and add appears?

Thank u for u time

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