Can Bubble do this? I need your help!

Hi! First of all, sorry for my english, it’s not my native language. I was wondering if with Bubble, I can import data from another website on my bubble website. For example (this is not exactly what I want to do, but something similar), could I import investment properties from Zillow ? It would show listings from Zillow, and have the possibility for investors to add filters by region, the investment properties that give the most ROI, etc?

IF so, how can I do it? Is it with API Connector?

Yes, you can easily import Zillow listings using the API connector.

Thanks for the fast reply.
Is it possible to only imports duplex/triplex from Zillow?
Also, is there a certain website to use to connect to api conector to zillow? Or any tutorial that could help me ?

Thank you very much

Every API is designed specific to their potential use cases. I’m sure you can make an API GET request by a property category or you can get a full list and sort them by duplex/triplex category within Bubble.

If Zillow provides API access to anyone, you can access it directly using your Zillow API credentials. If this is not the case and Zillow only allows API access to a select few vendors, you might need go through one of these vendors.

You’ll need to go through all the Bubble documentation on the API Connector and watch some YouTube videos to see how it works. Even I’m still learning this.


Points for answering these questions seriously.


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