Can bubble help me create this business process?

Hi, I am completely new to the world of bubble and I would be happy to get your help! I have very little IT-Background…

I have the following problem and I am not sure if bubble is the right tool for it. I need to build a business process to connect two websites. #1 is a website called (like ebay) and the website #2 is an online print shop where the orders coming from etsy should be produced and shipped. This process should be automated completely.


  1. I would like to sell a print product via the website If someone buys a print product, …
  2. … the orders coming from etsy (there is an API available, but I have zero knowledge about APIs) should be instantly and automatically used to start an order via the website of the print shop (if API exists is unknown. I could switch to a printing company that offers an API). The print shop then produces the product and sends it to the customer who originally ordered via

If bubble might not be the right tool, which tool(s) might do the job? Zappier? Any no-code or low-code tools?

Any help is highly appreciated!

The quick answer is yes, you can do it with Bubble.

If Etsy support webhooks (i.e. trigger an aPI notification on sale) it is very easy: In Bubble, you would set up a API backend workflow that will listen to the API call (event/webhook) that comes from Etsy. The workflow will automatically make an API call to the printshop to complete the process… This flow can also be completed with or zapper.

If Etsy doesn’t support webhooks, you would need to have a schedule flow that query the products using Etsy API, save it to the bubble database and compares to the last run… and if there is a new purchase trigger the API flow to the printshop

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Thanks a lot for your explanation! Will look into it!

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