Can Bubble run on IOS and Android, as well as desktop?

I could not find any information on Bubble site that indicates if Bubble run on IOS and Android, as well as desktop?

I am sorry to be THIS DIRECT but: dafuq?! How hard it is to open your URL on iOS and Android?

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Sorry, I did not include responsive design ability. That was my actual question.

Well that’s different. Sorry for my reply, but it was spot on, on what you typed the first time. The responsive engine is very powerful. You have to get some experience with it or hire a freelancer to help you. It may be very complicated at first, even later, but it’s a good engine.

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Thank you. I read an article about the design challenges, thus the question.

The article: Bubble is said to not have best design capabilities.

I am trying to compare Bubble to DropSource.

It is noticeable that Bubble is strong on function but not the app development process, such as mapping the design flow and other design features like Zeplin.

I was able to find the answer in one of the Bubble videos, Responsive Viewer.