Can Google Places be used to link users email to their businesses?

Let’s say I search for plumber in google places and it brings up some locations on the map. If a user on my app has a plumbing business Is there a way to link that user emails to his business when it comes up in google places?. I’m trying to find and easier work around for my issue because I don’t seem to be making any progress. And I was looking at some plugins and was thinking maybe I can use google places to link user to their business location via their email.

Come on no one??. Is there no way to have a workflow call up google places results and then link a users email to one of those results?.

Hi @scholarlysoul :slight_smile: Sure, it sounds like you can use Google Places for this! For example, if a User finds their business after searching for it, and Google Places brings back a list of places, you can place a button in the repeating group that is “Claim Business”. Then the workflow for that button would save the Google Place’s cells information to the Current User in the fields you need.

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