Can I access app data from the database in editor?

Hello all, I have a system where it would be useful to be able to upload and export data to and from the app database via the bubble editor manually (under database tab, the ‘upload’ button). We are worried though that when the app is launched we may no longer be able to interface to the database in this way. if we launch the app (as in like a mobile app) will the data from the mobile app still be sent to the same database as the one I see in the editor online? can we still modify, import, and export data using the editor once the app is launched?

it is rather important

Thank you all

Hi there, @honomichljthomas… the short answer to your question is yes, the data will be in your live database, and you will be able to access it from the editor.


another question, I use some data in my database to determine a lot of the content of the app. from this video: Deploying Your Bubble App | Build Your First Bubble App [20/20] - YouTube it seems that the databases separate, and the data I had in development would no longer be available. to pull from on the deployed app. is this true?

Your app has two databases… development and live. Data in the development database is not available in the live database and vice versa, but you can copy data from development to live (or vice versa). You need to be careful with that operation, of course, because you could be overwriting data you don’t want to overwrite, but again, you can copy data between the databases.