Can I autopopulate the slug fields in the data type

Hi New to Bubble - not new to coding - trying out this platform.

Couple of questions / case uses, I need for my project

using input box, I can add a new datatype to the database.
However it appears I can’t populate the slug for that datatype?
when shown the Datatype fields the slug field does not appear / not a choice
is this correct? you can’t populate the datatype slug using inputs

question 2:
Can I create a page template and then automatically apply that template to any new slugs

eg, using the above where I can enter a new datatype via an input box to create the new datatype (including the slug)

then when any new datatype is created have Bubble set to automatically apply a pre-built page template to the new slug


OK cool - for others with the same question - just found - you can update the slug using the workflows

now seeking solution to the page template question