Can I build a content locker type marketplace platform using bubble?

Hiii everyone… I’m new to bubble and learning its core features. I’ve studied many ‘‘How to build platform’s’’ tutorials (like fb/quora/airbnb tutorials) & got a lot of ideas working with UI-workflows-databases. but could not find any tutorial related to content locker type website where you can lock any content(link/ebook/video etc) with a payment gateway. wondering if anyone can help me out with a tutorial or point me out to a existing tutorial on building content locker type platform using bubble. I’m really inspired by a platform - buymeacoffee . com & wondering if anyone can make a tutorial on how to build that kind of website. would be really helpful. Thanks in advance!

Yes! This is definitely possible. You can have a list of users on the dataset of your content and add the user to it when they have paid through a payment gateway like Stripe. Stripe can be obtained through the plugins tab.

@johnny Thank you so much.

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