Can I Build a Coupon Aggregating Site With Bubble?

We recently came up with an idea to build a Coupon Site where vendors & store owners can create accounts, share their company details, and list the offers & coupons they offer for their customers. And we need a platform to build such a site for us.

Can we use Bubble Platform to build a Coupon Site just like the following sites?


Our site might not be exactly the same as the above ones but we need functionality in the site just like the above examples or any other ones available on the Internet.

Since we are not good at Coding, hiring a web developer would be our priority for this project who can help us build a site with Bubble or custom coding. Please let us know if we could still create such a coupon site.


Quick and dirty ā€¦ yes you can build this in Bubble! :+1:

Thanks for your quick answer. Let me try doing it myself. But Iā€™m still waiting for any developer to hop into and guide me on the process.



To get you started you could review this quick how to article written by Bubble >

Also, you can consider being coached by the good folks from Coaching No Code Apps @romanmg or hiring the project to specialized agencies such as AirDev @kevin12 @vlad or Zeroqode @vladlarin .

Of course, there is your freelancer developer approach as well. :+1:

Best of luck with your project!


I think this is a great idea, but being able to build and grow a website like you want is very difficult, especially in the early stages.