Can i build a multi-level marketing web app solution with bubble

Good day everyone. i will like to get help from the community on how i can work on my new project (multilevel marketing web app solution). can i use bubble platform to achieve this. i want as many that are resourceful to give guidelines on how to achieve this. Thanks

The answer will most likely be yes but until you share some specific details it remains a best guess…

Try searching the forum for ‘can I build X with bubble’ and you’ll probably find an answer.

Thanks vincent. the details of the project before is like a 2 by 2 matrix multi-level networking system. for instance if A register, and also B & C, the B & C will be place under A automatically by the system. I will like to know whether this is achievable. Thanks once again

Yes, you can do this. As for HOW, any explanation of that will not make any sense to you until you dive into Bubble and start creating your app.

(In short, you will have a data type User [this is built in]. Users will have a field on them that will be a list of other Users (you will create that field yourself). It will be something like “Recruits” or “Dupes” or “Shills” or something, depending upon how you think of them. :wink: You will create that When User A signs up another User B, you will add User B to User A’s Shills. When B signs up C, you will add C to B’s list of Shills. Because of the multi-level nature of this nested data type, you may need to explicitly also track which user signed up the Shill. So a Shill might need to have [by might I mean almost certainly] another field on it that explicitly tells you who signed them up. So a Shill would have at least 2 fields on it, a User (like B) and that Shill’s “Recruiter” (like A).)

Run through the Bubble lessons to get a quick intro to the various core capabilities of Bubble and see for yourself whether you like the way it works:

This is the answer i have been waiting for. Need to swing into action to design what and how to solve this task. thanks man


I am also wondering the same if bubble can be capable of building the Multi-level Marketing system online.

I s bubble also capable of complex mathematical calculations? because this is the basis of MLM system . Because they have different levels of earning and each level have different percentage calculations of earnings. ?


I’m currently working on a similar model (see here) and after some work to find the structure I can assure it’s possible with Bubble.