Can I build this app with bubble? (marketplace + gps-based tours + affiliate)


I need some help to understand whether what I have in mind can be built with bubble. I want to build a GPS-based tour app linked with a two-sided marketplace and ideally integrate an affiliate program in the mix.

How I want it to work: The GPS-based tour guides a visitor along certain geo-markers and alerts them to interesting places on their route with a notification. Ideally, there’s a backend, where tour contributors can add a tour on their own. A user chooses a tour through a search function with filters in the marketplace, purchases it, and upon purchase can access the tour in the app. If they refer a friend to the app, they get a discount.

I looked around for bubble templates and saw that a lot of what I want can be done. However, I’m uncertain about the GPS tour feature and the content management system in the background, as well as the connection between market place and tour app, and the affiliate system.

Thank you for helping me out with this request!

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