Can I change order of GroupFocus?

I found the following issue.

  1. I created GroupFocusA including inputA.
  2. I created GroupFocusB including button to show GroupFocusA.
  3. When GroupFocusB has showed and try to show GroupFocusA, the GroupFocusA is showed below layer of GroupFocusB. So user cannot see and touch GroupFocusA.

Can I manage order of multiple GroupFocus?

I was developing RG including some input elements , but it was increased loading time and it was very heavy.
So I changed the structure as the inputs will be incluted in one GroupFocus and user can show it by buttons each row of the RG.
Therefore, the performance issue has improved. I felt that was succeed.

After that, I developed some GroupFocus like that in the screen and I found the issue.

I think the only way to show a groupfocus A on top of another groupfocus B is to create A after B. I have tried to change their order in the elements tree but no luck. Cut/paste etc didn’t work either. But when I created a groupfocus C with exactly same behavior you have described above as A, it showed up on top of B.

Here is the elements tree:

And here is the groupfocus C displayed on top of B:

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Thank you for your help.
I think it is enough solution. I’ll try it.

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