Can I change URL?

For my app I want it to change depending on certain variables and I was wondering if I can change the domain whenever I want and then set my other domains to direct to the normal page.

for example (main)

could I change my url to each of those back and forth? So every 4 months my domain changes to a certain one? Even if I have to do this manually i dont mind, just wondering.

Why is it that you want to change your domain like that?

I want to make a holiday app type thing that would change with the seasons.


summer .com
winter .com
spring .com
autumn .com

Got it.

Yeah, you should be able to do that without trouble. Would be manual, but fairly quick.

Okay yeah. I don’t mind doing it manually. It’s only once every 3 months lol

For each of these domains (er - contextual experiences of the app), how would this impact your customers and data stored in your platform?

If that isn’t a big issue - then simply swapping out the domain name would be fine. Otherwise, your slightly pricier option is to set up sub applications. This enables you to have separate instances (and, for that matter, databases).

With sub apps, there needs to be one “parent” application on a paid team plan. Then, the sub applications can run independently on hobby-level plans as you wish. (Can move to unpaid plans as needed, which also removes the ability to use a custom domain).

Basically there would be 4 versions of the site. Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn and when it’s each season the other 3 domains will divert to the correct one. Users would be able to sign up, see things nearby suited to their likes and the season amongst other social media elements

Hello @lockymadera
I need to do exactly the same - how did you do it at the end?
(I tried the Browser plugin, but it doesn’t let me replace the whole url - only what comes after the domain.)


I never really got around to doing this (one of those test projects).

I’d assume now it’d just be easier to use subdomains or something like that.

Thanks… (Subdomains are not a good solution if I want to separate the brand - but let’s see…)