Can i check access log? and other things

Can i check access log??
access log is Who logged in at what time or Who does something at what time.

Can i get Email when the File storage or Server capacity has not enough capacity.

how to check what is going on when my app get Cyber ​​attack.
what will Bubble do to help me when my app get Cyber ​​attack??

Yes, this is a setting at least for capacity.

If it’s like a DDoS attack, this is a little trash, but you can contact Bubble, wait for their support team, then wait for someone in engineering to enable DDOS mode, then same thing to have it disabled. @aless helped me with this and I don’t think they have automatic detection yet for DDOS attacks.

Server logs? Or users editing Bubble logs? There are server logs for you app, but I don’t believe any logs that log users editing in Bubble.

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