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Can i convert a Public app to a Private one in personal pan?

I am currently on the personal plan meaning i can have 2 private apps. Now, is it possible to convert the public app am currently working on to a private one when am ready to go live?

Are you getting confused with what Public and Private means?

Public means that the source of the (design environment) application, all the data structure and data is visible and editable by anyone
Public Read Only, same as above but only editable by those with write permissions
Private No access to the backend design environment.

All APPS are publicly visible on the runtime environment, both Version-test and Live, if you want to restrict this you apply a password from the settings/General Tab page.

You can switch the app type from the settings.

Hi, @DaveA ,thank you for responding.
Yes i am really getting confused with what Public and Private means exactly.

So now i think i understand from your explanation, the only thing am not getting is the part where if i want to restrict some of my apps that i need to go to the setting/Genral Tab page, am trying to locate where this particular page is and can’t seem to, where do i need to go to get to this page?

Open your app in the editor, click the settings tab on the left hand bar;

Then on the General / Design tab, the first setting is the editor access. If you select ‘Private’ you can then also set passwords to restrict access to the runtime view. This password is used to restrict total access, and not the same as individual user passwords for limiting access or permission from within the application itself. Have a play and it will become clear.

@DaveA I feel silly for missing it but Thank you! I am sorted. :slight_smile:

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