Can I copy an element with its condition?

I know there’s the option to “copy conditional formatting” and “paste conditional formatting.” But what I would like is to be able to “copy with conditional formatting.”

Currently, when I copy an element somewhere else, the conditional expression gets broken (as seen in the image). I then have to write the conditional again, or do “copy/paste conditional formatting,” which I don’t seem to be able to do anyways.

copy conditional

I would like to be able to copy an element in a way that will copy the conditional expression already attached to the element. Just like I can copy/paste an element with it’s workflow.

Can someone tell me how to do this if the function is there, please?

When you copy an element it always includes the conditional formatting - that’s the standard behaviour…

The image you’ve shared isn’t very clear, so I can’t make out what the expression says very well…

But I’m guessing you’ve copied an element (which has a conditional statement referring to another element on the same page), and pasted it onto another page…

So in that case, obviously the expression will be broken… so it’s not entirely clear what you’re trying to do here…

Or maybe I’ve misunderstood what you’re doing… perhaps you can clarify.

My conditional expression actually says: When—CSS Tool’s Current Page Width < 600—This element is visible.

And, I am copying the element, a text element, from one page to another page (I’ve just added it to one page and I want it on other existing pages).

So, you are saying that the ‘element’ referred to in the expression ‘this element is visible’ can only refer to that ‘element’ on that previous page and not to the same ‘element’ now that I’ve brought it to a different page?

Thanks for further clarification.

Elements only exist on the page… so you can’t refer to an element on a different page in a conditional…

If you’ve copied the other element to the new page as well, the expression still won’t know what element is being referred to so you’ll need to manually fix the expression by defining the correct element.

Okay, I thought so. It might be useful to have a ‘copy with condition’ option then.
Thanks for your help.

You don’t need that… that’s the default behaviour anyway (all copied elements include the conditions)

Well, in that case, there’s a problem at my end. What I was doing was, I copied an element that has a condition, the condition (expression) gets broken when I paste it into another page, like in that image above.

Yes @girl-fi, it breaks if you paste an element or condition to a different page since the condition would have nothing to reference to.

Quick suggestion: If you’re constantly using this feature or element across different pages, I suggest you turn it into a reusable element so that you could reference to it every time, hence making your conditions work.

Great advice from @adamhholmes as always. :muscle:


Yes, that’s what I was thinking next: reusable element. Thanks for weighing in.

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