Can I create a full-on app that teaches someone to read?

I’m new here and wanted to pose a question. As a novice coder, who has used before, would Bubble be an appropriate platform to create a complete web-based reading program? I want the student to be able to input by voice (speech-to-text) and have the app display what they said on the screen, comparing it to the correct word, for example. I want the app to track the student’s progress and advance them when they achieve mastery at each level, while also branching to give them extra practice with types of words they struggle with - words which would be stored in and accessed from a database. And I’d like to write student errors to a unique database. I also want the app to have text-to-speech capability to read what a student types for input. Sound doable? Thanks! -Bob

Hi Bob. Yes. Doable.

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Thank you, Elle, for your reply and for the links. Much appreciated!

@bgeorgeff You’re welcome. Would be a fun one to build. :slight_smile: Enjoy!