Can I create a new option using a backend workflow

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I have a products database in airtable which I want to sync to bubble using make. I am using the multi-select field in airtable to enrich each product with tags (vegan, healthy, …). Now I would like to create a new option whenever a new multi-select field in airtable is added to a product. Can this be done in a backend workflow or do I need to use data types for the product tags?

All help is appreciated!

Cheers, Konrad

Hi there, @konrad1… if you are asking if you can create a new option in an option set via a workflow (backend or frontend), the answer is no. The only was to create new options is through the editor, so you would have to use a custom data type for your use case.


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thanks for the help. I figured this to be the case unfortunately.

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