Can I create a plugin out of Samsung Notes' Source code?

I need some text editing functionality for my app. Especially the ability to take handwritten notes. I’ve noticed that Samsung Notes is an open source app. I was wondering if I could have it as a plugin to use in my app. I don’t know how to go about this.

Hi @muhammadarnobshikder, I think your goal here is quite beyond the scope of these forums. This would be heavy custom plugin development and using an open source Samsung android app wouldn’t exactly be a good starting point.

You could try however combining a couple of plugins to achieve handwriting to text. This isn’t something I’ve built myself but you could try one of the signature plugins to capture an image of the handwriting which you could then store as a jpg etc in your app, then try using one of the OCR plugins to extract text from the image. I’m not sure how accurate your results would be though as peoples handwriting can vary greatly and OCR is better at reading documents etc but there are a number of both free & paid plugins you could try to combine.

I hope this helps and best of luck