Can I create a web game portal with Bubble?

Is it possible to create a web game portal like this one CloudArcade - HTML5 / Web Game Portal CMS by redfoc | CodeCanyon (without Gamemonetize feature and including a subscription plan) using Bubble? Would it be too complicated? I am a designer. Thanks.

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Hi welcome to the community!

As a game marketplace or online store absolutely yes. :grinning:

If you are looking for a game builder that would depend as there are folks that are pushing Bubble into building games … but not as a game builder engine.

Hi @cmarchan

Thanks! I would like to build the website and the CRM that looks like this from the link, including the design. Do you think I can handle it even though I know almost nothing about Bubble (I’m not a programmer)? What difficulties do you think I’ll find?

If you put your mind to it, you will definitely see some results. But that is very detailed and logistical Bubble work to make a clone of that.

I would suggest looking into building clones first to get the hang of it.

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Olá! I don’t see anything that would hold you back.

Since you’re a designer, I would recommend learning about Bubble’s designer and its responsive engine. I would highly recommend looking at some of the Buildcamp stuff (I’ve got a post with the links and some key take-aways).

Certainly learn how to manipulate Bubble. There are tons of courses that Bubble has put together and tons of YouTube videos out there with very helpful content (lots of stuff in Portuguese, too).

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Thanks @GhostCodes

I already studying Bubble using the online lessons and I intend to start building clones next.

Thanks @rico.trevisan

I will check these links in your post later.

I only have one more question: I want to include a subscription plan on this website. Do I need to use a API for this? If so, will I have to pay to use Bubble because of this feature?

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Yes, you will have to have a paid subscription to go Live with the website.

On the other hand, there are lots of gambiarras you could do with a free version though.