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Can I create one app for web and app using? Does it work normal?

I can’t understand. I need to create several apps for use for web, mobile, and desktop devices?
If not. It will work correctly for different devices?
Or do I need to create for the web, mobile, and desktop different apps?
Explain to me, please :pray:

One app, with the design being responsive. I personally design for screens as small as 320px (mobile) to 1440 (big desktop).

Tons of great resources here on the forum and YouTube for learning.

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Nope. I use the same for everything. Look here:

10 min. to build a free native iOS/Android app 2021 :large_blue_diamond:

With the new Editor responsive mode, job is easier.

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No. Learn how to create responsive pages in the bubble. Lot of content out there. I personally created multiple videos on how to create responsive pages.

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