Can I do the following?

Hello. I am thinking of doing the following. I just want to make sure if this is doable before I waste my time trying to figure things out.

Can I:

  1. Make a system that shows:
    a) If the user is watching the video displayed on the page (Currently Watching state)
    b) If the user watched the whole video (Watched state)
    c) How many users are on the page.
  2. When the video is finished, go to another page.
  3. Create a save point (where the user left off)
  4. Approval System. (If a user wants to join a group, the group’s admin can deny or give him access to the group’s files, photos…

For the video feature, I am using jitsi.
Any help is appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

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Any help or tips? Anything please!

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