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Can I do this? How should I get started?

I discovered Bubble a few days ago, looking for a way that, as a non-programmer project manager (well, I’ve sort-of learned Perl and elements of other languages, but I’m not very good), I could implement a really cool idea I had, which is not too complicated.

My idea is actually related to my long-standing interest in encyclopedias. (I am the lesser-known co-founder of Wikipedia.) I’ve done most of the Bubble lessons and watched other videos, and I’ve tried really hard to solve various problems, but doing things as easily as they’re shown in the lessons is a stretch. Here are some of the things I want to do, but can’t figure out how to do:

  1. Search-as-you-type—well, I can do this using the nifty Search Box tool + Dynamic choices. The problem is that, if there are no results, I want to be able to press a button that says “Create new topic” and then be transferred to a page prepopulated with the new topic, inviting the user to fill out the rest of a database entry.

  2. Also, is it possible to include more data in the dynamic choices that appear, such as a description? (Where?)

  3. I’ve created a data structure and a form that allows me to save input into the data structure (yay me), I want to do two other things. First, after saving a new database entry, I want the data to be displayed underneath the data form, saying “Entry added!” This requires solving a few problems I don’t know how to solve. For example, how do I lookup a particular database entry and spit back the data? Also, how do I tell the system which entry to spit back? Wouldn’t I have to use a variable that contains the ID of the just-created entry to be displayed?

  4. My data structures are complex. For a given topic, there can be many different URLs, and those URLs can have ratings and other attributes. Also, each URL can have multiple ratings, and there is an aggregate rating based on various users’ ratings. I’ve looked at the documentation about databases (maybe I’m missing something?) and I can’t figure out how to do this. Part of the problem, I suspect, is that it uses a nontraditional database. I think of it in terms of traditional Perl data structures—arrays and hashes, and I have a rough idea of what I’d do in Perl. I’m thinking this involves creating arrays (lists) and populating the list items hashes (things with fields). But I can’t figure out how to define a list, or make list items things, etc. In short I desperately need a very good tutorial about complex data structures in Bubble. Maybe I also don’t understand relational/NoSQL databases, right? Pointers?

  5. Another thing I want to do is display another (off-site) web page in a frame. Is this possible in Bubble?

  6. I also want to be able to do version control of certain data fields, saving a history and allowing people to revert.

  7. I also want to have different permissions levels for different user accounts. Ugh…

Now some very general questions about Bubble and learning it: Is this project perhaps too complicated for Bubble? Is it possible for anybody in Bubble? Is it feasible for me to try to do it myself? (I have no money to pay anybody, by the way—that’s why I’m using Bubble.) Do I need to study the system more before I start trying to solve all these problems? (I’ve already spent a few hours banging my head on these and some other problems.)


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Welcome on board!

You can do a lot of stuff in Bubble, be patient and soon you can build something big here :slight_smile:

1- It can be done, but it’s not fully implemented. See a recent discussion here Autocomplete that allows creation of new thing
2- Same as above. You can display other info in other elements, but for now not in the menu
3- To display the “entry added” use a alert element. To display data you just created you can choose in the same workflow a new action, and choose what you “created in step 1”, since your 1st action is a “create a thing”.
4- Create an type called “URL”, with a text field (it’s where you fill the URL). Add other fields as you need - name, rating etc. Then add another type called “Topic URL”, choose “URL” as field type and check this field is a list. Add another type called “Topic” with a topic field type. This way you can “do a search for a topic url”, and choose a topic X, Bubble will display all URL for a topic
5- HTML element
6 - It can be done, but you will have to do it manually - when there’s a modification, create a “version entry” etc
7 - I saw some threads here in the forum about this

PS - The names in number four are just examples I suggested. The important part is that you can create a database type, and then choose it for another database types, creating “links” between then.


Thanks very much for the encouraging and helpful reply!