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Can I do this in Bubble?

Hi all! I just joined. Was going through some video tutorials. Seems amazing.

Question - I’d like to know if learning Bubble will allow me to accomplish what I want to do. I’ll tell you below what I’d like to do with Bubble - and can someone tell me, is it feasible? THANKS MUCH!

  1. I want to have users sign up using name and email. This becomes subscriber list. App is free for now with basic functionality.

  2. I need to collect a lot of data about a topic by asking users to input specific data. Can I collect say 20 pieces of data - in all sorts of formats - short text, multiple choice, paragraphs, dates, etc?

  3. Once we have all the data, the app will recommend a course of action for the subscriber / user. So according to a schedule programmed into the app - it would alert users that they needed to do something within a week, 3 days, a day, TODAY, etc. The app would display hotels or homestays that might be booked and where to get a rental car, or other necessary things - like photos that will help them complete their task…

  4. Depending what each person enters as answers for the various bits of data we collect - that determines what the app tells the user to do - each person has different circumstances and needs to be told the right info that fits their situation.

  5. Ideally the app would email the subscribers at various times during the year to remind them of things to do, and to collect bits of data as needed.

Can this be done with Bubble??? If not, is there some other way I can get a basic app. together that does this? This is the very basic freeware app and then I’ll try to crowdfund the building of the full app - and charge for it later.

Thanks for any help or advice!


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Yes, all of this is doable in Bubble. :slight_smile:

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Thanks man