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Can I do this in Bubble? 🤔

Hi everyone, new here. Love the look of Bubble and this forum looks a brilliant place for support.

I wanted to ask you if Bubble is the best place for our specific use case. Sorry if I’m being lazy, but seen a lot of really insightful advice for new starters here. Also possibly can bring someone in as a freelancer to help with this project.

Details below :slightly_smiling_face:


  • We’re a private edu organisation and we re-skill adults into cyber security professionals.

  • We have learners, and we also have partnerships with employers who recruit our graduates.

Use Case

  • We’d like to create a web app for employer partners to sign up and manage their relationship with us.

  • Create an account

  • Create an ‘employer profile’

  • Add additional users to their account (Each org we deal with normally has multiple Hiring Managers, HR, Directors, etc)

  • Post jobs to our internal job board (Huntr) (Airtable form + Zapier tasks)

  • Sign up to be a mentor (Airtable form)

  • Read more info about our curriculum etc

As a stretch target, we’d also like the employers to be able to browse a directory of learners enrolled + alumni.
Learners would be able to create a profile (they all get an edu email from us), attach CVs, work portfolios, etc.

Employers could search based on location, interests, which cohort they were on, etc.

There would be two of us on this project, I’m OK with things like WordPress, Webflow, Learndash, Zapier, no code solutions and picking things up pretty quickly.
My partner is a Junior Software Dev and is pretty handy, he’s a new starter next week.

Is the best place for the above ^^ We have budget, but it’s not huge and I like projects like this :sweat_smile:

If it’s possible, what are your thoughts on the structure/architecture of how it would be built?

What are the pitfalls and blockers?

Thanks so much!! :grinning:

Keywords for others;

  • User Directory
  • Profile Directory
  • Membership Site
  • Education
  • Recruitment

Hello @jonathan13 ! Welcome to the community.

All of the functionality described above can we done with Bubble :grinning:

Bubble is a visual programming language so none of what I read above is not possible. With careful planning you can likely implement your project comfortably in about 3 months.

Stepping on the pedal, possibly faster.

Explore the prospects of frameworks/templates that give a leg up as well (full disclosure: I am one of many folks who do contract work for some of them, in my case the first one)

Hi @jonathan13
Just some encouraging words really - yes you can definitely do all this in Bubble and I’d expect you’d be live with an MVP in 3 months and have quite a polished product in 6 months. It is quite exciting how quickly you can get things done with Bubble - and also to a very presentable professional looking standard.

Good luck!