Can I do this with the free Bubble version

I have a paid for Bubble plan for my app, but there is a database I want to create for me own use only. It is nothing complicated. Just a dozen text fields. Problem is I need to generate a report from it in text format (ideally). Is that all possible? I understand I can’t use paid plugins (big shame), but hopefully can muddle through without them as long as I can generate this txt file somehow.

Can I do it?

It is a BIG shame Bubble don’t do a free version that lets you use plugins. It would, I am sure, boost sales of plugins by a huge amount. They could limit such a plan by concurrent connections (maybe 3 or less or even 1) or just make it super slow. But hey, that’s another post :slight_smile:

For what I know, Bubble now allow free plan to buy plugin (that have a one-time payment)


If that’s true that’s great news. I will give it a go @Jici


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