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Can i earn money?

Hello i am new here,can i make money here if a made some app?

why not?

Well that all depends if your app is any good, and if you monetize it and if people actually use it.

Get it wrong and it will cost you money!

this one is good :slight_smile:

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But how,they told me that i can t have adds on app

For Google Adsense, you could put the ad markup into an html block.

You could sell a service, you could sell advertising on your app, aka sponsored content.

If you are asking these sorts of questions, you probably haven’t thought things through have you?

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So i can have adds on my app,thank you very much… :smiley:

Where did you see that you cannot? I’m intrigued to know where you got that information, in case I have missed something!

Some lady that i emailed told me that,maybe she is a beginner like me :smiley:
Can i add you on fb?

So it wasn’t someone from bubble?

I really don t know,but i asked her about bubble