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Can i have 2 search fields to the same table?

Hi, i have a popup form and on the form i have added 2 search fields which look up the user table. The first is to assign the task to an employee - Constraint is Role <> Customer and the second is to link the customer to the Activity - constraint is Role = Customer.

2 issues arise - 1. the Customer does not show in the RG and 2. i can not search for or show the customer in the PopUp. All explained better in the attached pics. As far as i can see, i have set everything up correctly.

Ami restricted to 1 searchbox searching a Table?

Design Cell Data

Make sure of any privacy rules you set on users datatype.

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Hi @maheshkasindi

I have a privacy restricting access if the logged in user role is customer but that’s not the case in my tests. I removed the rule just to check but it makes no difference.

Permissions was the issue. Thank you @maheshkasindi

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