Can i have a cad

can i have cad mad for uk roleplays

Add me on Discord CADMOONMAN#9631

i sent you a requset

Come check us out at Babaji Solutions
We offer next gen CAD experience. Nothing else like it out there and at an affordable price.
We also offer a variety of services as well.
*Server Development
*Port Forwarding
*MySQL Setup
*File Setup
*Community Logos
*CAD services
*Custom Server Launcher
*Vehicle Textures
*Car Liveries
Don’t wait!! And keep an eye out for our sales on our products!!!

Hello there! We are N1 Designs.
Are you looking for a CAD/MDT system for your community? If so, you should come to us! We have a fully developed awesome CAD along with all of our other paid products! Not only are the products paid all products can be purchased simply with invites! Invite a certain number of people earn whichever cad you want!
We now even got our 10-8-cad for free which is based upon the old doj cad
Panic Button
Home Screen
Sub Divisions
Patrol Map
Account Panel
Customize 10 Codes
Customize AOP
Management Panel
Announcements System
911 System
Server Status

-DOJ like cad-
Front End: $5.99 or 20 invites
Editor Access: $7.99 or 30 invites
Back End: $10.99 or 40 invites
→ Creation of Unlimited Departments
→ Admin Panel
→ Nice UI
→ Auto Approve System
→ N1 Designs 12 Months Warranty
Not only do we have the doj cad v1 we are going to release a v2 soon! We have gotten 3 new cads as well going to be released soon! We have got logos up for grabs as well. You may purchase these or pay with a minimal amount of invites!
Currently we are doing giveaways when every 50 members and we are going to do a challenge after every 2 days.
We have a few terms and conditions which you need to agree to in order to get a cad from us!
Our Discord server is where you can get your cad. The link to it is:
Now with a newly made website as well:
Come join and have happy inviting!!
Come check us out!!
Many thanks,
N1 Staff
N1 Designs