Can I keep users from skipping ahead in a video?

Hello! I’m new to Bubble.

I’m making an educational based app and I would like to be able to keep users (students) from fast forwarding through videos. Basically, once students have watched the whole video, I want it to mark as done and give them credit.

I have the “Plyr - Video Player” Plugin by Zerocode. I was hoping that it could help me with a few things, including this. I thought putting a condition on my “mark as done” flag, where it would not go if the video’s seeking is yes might work. I actually thought it was working. I tried it out and played with it and I was sure it was working, but now it isn’t working at all. So now I’m not sure it ever was.

Is there a way to get this functionality? Please help!

Yes it is possible but you would need Zerocode to add the following functionality to the plugin source code -

Or you can do it yourself using javascript if you have access to the plyr instance.

Thanks so much!

Be advised, I actually don’t think there’s a way to stop this functionality if your students use an iOS device. iPhone always spawns the detected vid in its native player which then always has scrubbing controls.

If someone has a workaround to this, I’d also love to hear it.

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