Can I limit search results to only a list of emails?

I’m setting up an option for an agent to log data on behalf of any user.

They need to be able to select the user they want to log data for.

So I need to give them a list of users. It turned out that was a mistake because it downloaded the entire record for every user in the list, which is like 20MB.

So i changed the multidropdown list from type=user & “search for users” to type=text & “search for user’s email”. I figured that would only download a list of emails as text.

But it’s still taking 30+ seconds to finish the search and giving me data download warnings so it must still be downloading the full records.

How do I limit the search results so it only downloads a list of texts?

Currently the only way is to use privacy rules to limit which columns.

Another way which is kind of clunky is to setup an endpoint for API workflow and return a list of emails, then call it with the API connector. I’m guessing it may not be faster.

It would be a really good improvement to be able to specify which columns we want the search to bring back to the client.


Can you expand on how you think that would work? Calling an API workflow from the API connector?
Every time I test the endpoint I get a 404 not found.

Need to check “Expose as a public endpoint”, calling it from API connector is treating it like an external API. Once you get it working, if you decide to keep using it, have a think about authentication and privacy rules too.

API connector will need to be set to POST, the url will be like or

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