Can I listen for actions in bubble plugin?

Hello everyone!

I have and idea for a plugin in mind and went through plugin builder documentation but did not had any luck with my question.

I have a list of items on my site. What I want to do is to listen for click on one of those items and then open plugin element passing item ID to it.

In my understanding I can create an action on item click and then listen for it in my plugin, is it possible?

I think that its not possible only with the plugin. You’ll need to create a action, and pass the click function inside your bubble app workflow. Or you can create a field called ID (and reference into a Bubble element) and start your function when this element with this ID is clicked. But I think that the first option is more “bubble friendly”

Yes. You can define a trigger in your element where this trigger can be used to start a workflow. You just define when it’s triggered.