Can I Make a Combo box in

First of all, I love :slight_smile: . It really helps me to make a CRUD app for my dad.

However, I need the combo box button for the apps, and I can’t find any plugins or tutorials that related. Can I make this possible? Or is there a plugin that I miss?

*sorry for my bad English :smiley: *

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Could you expand on what you’re trying to achieve? What’s the question where the combo box is the answer?

My guess is that the multiselect dropdown is an option.

@rico.trevisan Hi! Thanks for responding.

So, let’s say I have shoe products. I want to input those products into my apps. I type the name of the product, the purchase cost and the sales price, and the type (ex. loafers, boots, or slip-on shoe). So, I need the combo box for the “type” input. If I input “boots” into the combo box for the first time, it will stored in the database and next time when I have the boots product again, I just need to click the combo box and find the “boots” type.

Hi @Mikey16

I assume you will have a fixed number of types of shoes so I think saving the type for the first time directly from the input form might be an overkill, but besides that you could probably use combination of Option Sets for storing the types of shoes and Multiselect Dropdown plugin for selecting these types in the form input later.

Here are some resources on Option Sets

Please let me know if that solves your problem

Hi @alanpieczonka

Hmm… that’s a kinda good idea for my future project. But, unfortunately, for now, it will not pleasant my client (a.k.a. my dad) :frowning: .

Multiselect dropdown is almost fulfilling my want. If only it doesn’t behave like typing tags and can input new “type” directly into the database. By the way, I have recorded dad old software that he already made (dozens of years ago probably). Maybe the video will help to make my need more understandable for you.

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