Can I make one datatype visible only to the user who Created it


I am still fairly new to Bubble and have been muddling through. But I need to make 2 of my datatypes “Actions” and “Behaviours” only visible to the app user who created them as well as at the backend obviously.

I have created the repeating group:

And created where they will add the Behaviours:

What I can’t seem to work out is how to make it so that only the user currently logged into to their account can see the ones they made. I have set up two test accounts and they can both see each other’s. I am having a similar issue with uploaded documents.

Any assistance would be wonderful :smiley: please!

Hi there, @katie… if I understand your post correctly, it sounds like you need to add a privacy rule on the Behaviour data type (and a similar one on the Action data type), and that rule would look like this.

Want to give that a shot and see if it produces the desired result?

Hope this helps.


Hi Mike

Worked like a charm. I had a feeling I was missing something really simple. Thank you so much.

Katie :love_you_gesture:

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