Can I 'multiply' my data to test performance?

I have single-app multi-organization app (as opposed to multiple apps). Each user is in one and only one university department and users can’t see any data from any other department.

I would like to simply ‘clone’ or multiply my testing data 10, 100, or even 1000 times over (all of the tables and the relationships in them) and just assign each ‘copy’ a different Department (testDept1, testDept2, … testDeptn ).

Anyone done this? Can it be done outside bubble and then uploaded to bubble? Inside bubble would take me lots of time creating workflows, no?

Couldn’t Bubble offer this as a feature?


No-one has a reply? :frowning:

I think you can just create the workflow on a page that will create stuff every 5 seconds. :slight_smile:

Without knowing your database set up and what you are trying to achieve, something like this could work:

You could create a field in the datatype of ‘department’, make it a list and then add departments to the dataype that you would like to see the particular data.

Then when you are displaying data use the ‘department’ field as a search constraint

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It is very doable thru workflows…

But why don’t you create a CSV with all inforation you need and then upload it to Bubble?
I am assuming that you are doing this to test the app, aren’t you?

Thanks everyone. @rpetribu, yes, but isn’t that just data type by data type, not the entire database into multiple tables with their relationships?

I have about 15 data types, lots of fields, lots of relationships. But I only have one departement right now, with about 20 fake users. Each one has lots of data in all of the tables. So I want to take ALL of that data and reproduce it many times, changing ONLY the department. So I would end up with 10, or 100 or 1000 identical departments. That is roughly how the data will be when I bring on 10, or 100, or 1000 department-customers.