Can I pay for a domain then transfer it to a clone?

Hey guys. I am making an app for my employees, their user side will be ready to use soon. However after I pay for my $30 monthly domain, I want to be able to clone my app and work on it and change certain aspects like the template design.
Is it possible to clone my app and transfer my pre existing app domain to the cloned version, so when my users go to the same domain, the new version is there?
I want to work on pages that they will be visiting daily. My plan is to switch from the original app to the cloned app using the same domain

I’m not sure I understand your question…

But it sounds like you’re just asking if you can work on your app once it’s been deployed to live? In which case, yes, that’s how it works - no need to clone anything… you can work on your development version whilst your users use the live version, then push any changes to live when you’re ready to do so.