Can I push data through API and marry to existing record


I have a database with multiple companies - just like multi-tenant software.

Each company can have a list of items - say cars, buildings etc

I want to push meter data into a table in the database and marry it to the item. For example, I want to record the car mileage in the meter table:

Asset Table
Company A - VW Golf
Company B - Building A
Company A - Aston Martin
Company C - Airplane

Meter Table
Company A - VW Golf - 12000 - KMs - Today’s date
Company B - Building A - 24 - Degrees Celsius - Today’s date

Is that possible? If so, any resources you could point me to so I can achieve that?



Create an object (data type) called “meter” and add all necessary metered fields
Create a page
Add an RG (repeating group) and load it with the API data
Add a button and build a flow to create one meter at a time from each of the API entries
This flow can work better as a backend flow. Send the RG list to it and build it recursively.
Check you database and watch the entries get created … :grinning: