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Can I put WebGL on my Bubble app?

Hi, bubblers.

I built WebGL game by Unity.
Can i put this on my Bubble app?
If it can, please someone teach me how to.


Hi There,

I’ve been looking at doing the same thing. Did you make any progress with this?

I know you can embed webGL in a Bubble app using an iFrame, but then you have to host the webGL app somewhere else. I haven’t yet figured out how to host all of the pieces directly on Bubble…

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Hey Guys!

So - definitely an amateur in everything I’m gunna respond to here but I thought I’d share as I came across this issue to. But the way I solved this was I built a tiktaktoe clone as a WebGL, published to, and used free iFrame plugin element with URL to clone (below is the picture of it working alright). Definitely lots to optimize here, but simmer has a paid plan you could use to deploy it in a bit more snappy fashion.

Hope this helps anyone looking to do something similar!