Can I save a page created within the Tutorial?

When I finish one of the introductory tutorials, I don’t see a way to save it. And it shows a message"keep in mind the app… is temporary and won’t be saved to your account"

Is there a way to save it?

While I don’t think there is a way to directly save the pages created within the Bubble tutorials, you may be able to perform the following:

  1. While in the Editor click the ‘Edit’ button and then ‘Select All’
  2. Right click somewhere within the page elements and click ‘Copy with workflows’
  3. Now go to your app (outside of the tutorials). Make sure that this app has the same plugins that has been used within the tutorial, along with any specific styles set and of course the same structure data types.
  4. When inside your app, create a page where you want to copy over the data and right click on the page, to then select ‘Paste with workflows’

Now although I haven’t tested it should in theory copy elements, conditions, workflows across. You will probably have some errors doing this, which will need correcting, you could open both Editors side by side to reference the processes.

Hope this helps…

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