Can I see a column in text when field is 89898x736736

When you’ve made column where you are joining two items in the database:

Could someone tell me what is the correct way to describe this column? Is it a nested column?

Inside the column you see eg: 78787990383x98989092333

Is there a way to change these numbers into meaningful text?


Hi there, @alec.bancroft… I’m not sure I understand either of your questions. As for how you would describe the column, what do you mean? Describe it for what purpose? The field still has a field name and a field type, so you would likely refer to them when describing the column.

As for changing the numbers in your example into meaningful text, can you clarify what “meaningful” means? What are you actually trying to do with those numbers?


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Me again Mike!

So the data in the cell looks like that.

Can I turn that in to text.

Hopefully that makes sense.

And also I was asking does this type of field have a name, but that was just an aside.


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Oh, wait… now I get it, and I should have been able to understand your initial post… sorry about that.

You’re saying you want to see that number (which is the unique ID of a thing in your database) appear as something more “meaningful” on the App data tab in the editor, right? If that is the case, you can change that number into another field from the associated data type by clicking the Primary fields button in the upper-left of the App data tab. So, click that button, find the data type, and change the dropdown to something that is more meaningful than the unique ID.


Perfect. Brilliant.

@mikeloc Perfect 10.


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