Can I Set 'Default Value' To Be Infinite?

Hello, Bubblers!

I was thinking is there a way to set ‘Default Value’ to be infinite.

I want to set default value of ‘Inventory of Item’ to be infinite.
So, unless a vendor doesn’t set it, it is always infinite.
Because most of item’s inventory is infinite and only few item’s inventory is handful.
I was thinking this way also: Bubble’s default value is 0. So, when a vendor sets an Inventory of Item to be ,for example, 100.
Whenever a customer buys it. It adds the default vale(0) to quantities that buyers purchased… to be reached 100 then it notifies the vendor.

But I think an intuitive way is deducting than adding.

Is there any way to set a default value to be ‘infinite’ than ‘0’?

Thank you for reading!

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