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Can I start right now?

Hello guys, I’m new to Bubble.
First off I have to say that what you created here is awesome, I’m an Interaction Designer and I also Code but it kills my time. With your product, I see the potential to start dozens of startups without any risk.

Before I start putting a lot of time into your app, i have to ask if the following features are possible to implement though:

  • generated Breadcrumbs
  • A booking Calendar
  • Meta Descriptions for OnPage Elements (I need Google Snippets for SEO)

If possible please give me some brief hints on how to do this.

Also some general questions:

  • Is it possible to get into the pure code if neccesary?
  • Can I do this:
    A Website similar to Airbnb. I have appartments in different Countrys and Citys. I have pages for each Country listing all of it’s citys. I have pages that list all appartments in each city. I also have pages that list all appartments in each country.

So basically I need:

  • Display all appartments where country: germany
    -Display all appartments where country: germany && city: berlin
  • Display all citys in country: germany

Thanks in advance! If all of this is possible, i’ll be a heavy user!


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Hi Marcel,

What you’re describing seems very doable on Bubble. In fact, we often use Airbnb as the typical example of what you can build on Bubble. You can create a type of things ‘apartment’, define a page ‘profile’ page for the apartment, and then each apartment will have its own page, etc.

You can’t get in the pure code, but you can write some modules (for instance with blockspring) if something is missing. Bubble doesn’t generate code per se, so it isn’t there to be modified. So far most users managed to do what they want/need without getting in the code. And if you hit a hard limitation, let us know here, that’s when we add features.

You can add custom code in the header of a page, so your Google Snippets should be good there.

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Hi Emmanuel,

Is there any public app like Airbnb built on Bubble? If you could share a link here that would be very helpful to understand how the logic can be implemented here since I’m new to Bubble.

We don’t really have such an app built and public (there are some in production, but you can’t see the workflow). What we currently have is at

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